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I believe that photos should be Art,
Art that captures love, feelings, play, and imagination in such a way that can be displayed, letting those emotions replay over and over while viewing those photos.
Capturing the love, imagination, relationships, fun, and beauty in an Photograph that you can treasure forever and remember with.

I am a romantic to the core- I love happy endings and I love being in love.
I am an Introvert and an observer. I love noticing the beauty in all things.
I design things and redesign things and do it again never making up my mind.
I am obsessed with Branding and I’ve been know to hoard clothing tags
I am an ocd organizer and cleaner who fights with my freeloving unorganized creative side
{but aren’t we all a little crazy?}
I love learning and have way WAY to many hobbies I want to pursue.
I am passionate about decorating and love thrifting and making things beautiful again
The Savior and my family are my core- what I love the most and am trying to be my best for.
I am well, just Ali 🙂